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Rapidiograph etching of the Pulguska Temple located in Cheongju, South Korea.

Completed: 1994

Size: 11″ x 8.75″

Black ink on white paper


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Aiden Michael Lauer

I am the proud father of a 6 Lb. 9 oz. baby boy. Aiden was born on Monday, November 9, 2009 at 11:21PM. His mother, Katerina, started contracting that morning, pushing at 6:45PM and had a C-section later that evening. Both mother and baby are doing great and recovering.

I couldn’t be prouder or love my incredible wife more during this whole pregnancy. She has nurtured our son and provided him a wonderful home for 9 (actually 10) months. She was impressively strong throughout the entire labor and kept positive until the doctor determined the baby insisted on staying inside his familiar home. This little guy couldn’t have a better mother.

Pictures to come.

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The Sunday before last, June 7, I attended Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown Manhattan. It’s the largest Gothic-style Catholic cathedral in the United States and incredible in terms of its architectural stone carving and stained glass. I only wish the priest that celebrated Mass lived up to the building—very old school conservative. I’m rather conservative myself, but he was a little over-the-top.

This priest, like many similar ones I’ve encountered, couldn’t even make eye contact during Communion. I find this rather insulting. Shouldn’t showing some sincerity be a requirement? Has the act of administering the body of Christ become so mundane and ritualistic to this man that he shows his boredom by quickly handing out the Eucharist like a stick of gum? Show some respect to others and God by personalizing this sacred ceremony. This is one of the reasons for attending Mass and he has to treat it this way?

Aside from the boisterous and rude vicar, I was rather put off by the “tourons” who enter this place of worship—while Mass is being held, mind you—and proceed to walk around and take photos. Okay, it’s a beautiful church and one of a kind, but that doesn’t give you the rite to be disrespectful. I wouldn’t enter ANY place of worship and behave in this manner while service is being held. And these people didn’t think twice about it! Show a little restraint and respect! I guess the priests can’t call them out on it and I suppose it would be hard to police such a thing, but really…..

Overall, it was a great experience.

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I spent my first weekend without Katerina and it was not complete without her. It’s one thing to go to interesting places and see really cool things, but it isn’t the same without sharing it with her. I value the time I have with myself to collect thoughts and sort out the work experience, but I forgot how lonely it can be without my wife. I miss her and experiencing New York without her is difficult, but not impossible. After all, we both have computers with cameras and communicating every night makes it easier.

A stuffed monkey in thought. Do you think this is what he was doing right before they decided to use him for a museum exhibit?

A stuffed monkey in thought.

So I decided to spend my Saturday at the American Museum of Natural History, located just on the skirts of Central Park. It is an amazing museum and loaded with interesting exhibits and displays. However, having been to several similar museums, they start looking the same. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, but a dinosaur looks the same in any building. Also, I didn’t have the patience to read every bit of information, so I probably didn’t absorb the full experience of the museum.

Plenty of stuffed animals and bones everywhere! I spent the most time in the primates exhibit. There’s something fascinating about observing our primitive ancestors. Curious George was on display and I loved his pondering pose. Do you think this is what he was doing right before they decided to use him for a museum exhibit?

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Today we experienced history as the American College of the Building Arts graduated it’s first class. Very cool! I wish the graduates the best of luck as they start their careers.

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